Waking up to 2015

It feels to me as if my last post was really the best way to end 2014 so I'm not going to add much but I do want to lay the foundations for 2015.

I wasn't going to choose a word for the coming year. It didn't seem possible when there are so many floating around my head. Words, themes, plans...pick one word? No need. Last year I chose three and phased them in: Rest for the winter, Play in the spring, Build in the summer. And that worked a treat.

Then it became apparent over the last week or so that there is a word that I can use for guidance. So I nailed that one down. Still didn't have the one that felt like the public word (in as much about 20 people will know it). Then, as I was emailing back and forth with Susannah (arguably The Word Whisperer although she'll effing kill me for saying that) she asked if I'd chosen one. I replied that I hadn't but just as I was about to say impulsively,"I'm thinking of 'Shine'", the sun hit the kitchen window and flooded the room with the most gorgeous light. See above.

I'll take that as a sign. Mind you, I take everything as a sign. Everything.

Two's no good. I need three, and the third was pushing to be heard today. I needed something that would inspire me to step up in the way I intend to and, more importantly, to remember that Universal Flow is more available to those who raise their vibration to be in tune with it. (N.B., it's all vibration and we can all shift it. Even without trying.) The only word that fits is 'Rise'.

Which is hilarious. Because Rise and Shine? Seriously? Ha! But even that fits. Often the only block of time I can get for my contemplative, meditative, journaling stuff is very early morning before anyone else wakes up. So hell yeah... you want to rise and shine? Then rise and shine!

The third word is mine. No. It's not 'Mine'. It's mine. My soul word. And really it always has been. So I'll hold that close.

Whether you choose a word, or a saying, or a prayer, a poem, a mantra...or you don't. Even if this isn't your new year (personally, I feel it more at the Spring Festival but I love a new calendar too), please accept my love and best wishes for 2015. I have lots to show & tell, and I hope you'll honour me with your company.



  1. Rise and Shine!!! That makes me smile--a big dopey, happy smile! Happy 2015, Jo! I hopes it's a great one! oxox

    1. And happy 2015 to you too! xxxxxxx

  2. Happy New Year, and I hope to see you soon in 2015 xx

    1. Yes - we have to do that! Happy New Year to you, Cam and the boys. Much happiness in your new home! xxx

  3. Happy new year to you too, here's to good rising, shining, showing and telling x


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