I went to yoga on Wednesday and had the best class yet. We worked through chakras - learning about their real 'history' and what they are - mixing hatha, kundalini and dru yoga. By the end I felt as if every muscle in my body had been massaged.

Lying on the mat, under a cosy blanket, I found that my mind's eye instantly filled with things I hadn't been thinking about. It was like accidental journeying. A stag, majestic and powerful, with huge ornate antlers like antennae into the other world. I felt my own antlers appear on my (still human) head.

I've only been visited by Stag once before, during a deep guided meditation some years ago, when again there were ornate antlers but also a small, beautiful crown. This stag was female. I know, but she was and she was not a reindeer (female reindeer have antlers). She gifted me a wooden box that contained the letter A. I'm still working on that one.

I've been obsessing about antlers ever since. What a surprise. And gazing at the artwork above that was created by my friend - and supremely talented artist - Tracie Noles-Ross.


  1. i had/have a small obsession with antlers also -- bare-chested girls with antlers, evidently. no idea.

    gorgeous painting....:)


  2. Queen of All! It has all been given to you, and to each of us, if we will only take it.
    And not in a possessive, grabby way, but in a grateful, heart-deep way.

    Beautiful painting and beautiful words. x

  3. I'm reading this and going, oh my god, I saw the same thing! It was very recently while I was in my sacred space (which is something similar to meditation but it's like accessing an entire world inside you where you can interact with it). While there I asked to see Source/God/the Divine and it showed up as this magnificent, gorgeous, majestic stag with these beautiful, ornate antlers that looked like tree branches that were reaching up toward the sky. It was a powerful experience. And then just the other day, while I was in there I noticed that I had similar antlers that looked like tree branches growing out of my head and roots stretching into the earth from the bottom of my feet! Very cool.

    Have you seen this?

  4. Oh! Well hello! Now I understand your comment about my new painting! Ha! Antlers! Yes!

    Oh, and thank you. oxox


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