Walking to the woods to find connection and ask for strength, and finding deer trods that lead from the gate, across the field and into the woods where I usually jump the fence. I was on the right path.

Looking up from the earth to see a buzzard(hawk) - one of my close ones - flying just above my head, seemingly in one spot, against the buffeting winds. Showing me how to ride the push and pull before she dipped to one side and disappeared.

Roe deer at the side of the lane, just watching me as I drove slowly past in the dark. Three sisters.

The return of the jackdaws to our home.

The piece of ivy wood that appeared at my feet and fits so perfectly into my palm that it could have been moulded for it. I took it home as a reminder of my connection to everything. The ivy that adorns and holds all the trees in the woods. The sinews and veins of the Spirit of The Place.

Without this; without these constant reminders that I am of just one more species among many other equals, all of whom will stand as family (alongside my beloved people) and support me if I just acknowledge them and ask, I'm not sure how this month would have been. As it is, I feel surrounded by life, love and trust.



  1. oh. my.

    yes, just very much yes.

    it's what keeps me from falling to bits just now.


  2. There is wisdom in acknowledging the help we're given, I have come to find. It's not always obvious, but it's always there. x

  3. how lovely, and very inspiring in a quiet and deep way. I read this post a while back and meant to comment, but then I was distracted, not sure how ;-) I am loving this photo, just soooo evocative of that kind of woodland where you find ivy twining around everything. We don't find it so much here in the mountains and I do miss seeing it.


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