Follow your heart

So we're settling into a new normal, slowly but surely. The recognised wisdom is that a rescue dog can take nine months to find themselves. Zoey took longer - perhaps because she was so sick for the first 18 months - and Dooley is still relaxing (new big brothers not withstanding #KingofSulk) almost two years down the line. You would have been forgiven for thinking they were both pretty chilled out within a week or so of arriving but - just like us - dependent on the length of time they were unloved, their history and their personality it can take a long time for a dog to be as settled as they can be.

Digby is happiness on four legs. He has Doo's 'I love everything and everybody' personality but none of his anxiety. My heart tells me that the best support I can give him is routine, good food and lots of love.

And so it is for many of us. If I did not know for sure that each day I have the option to be outside among my non-human, often-time non-animal family, I would be less happy. If I did not feed my physical self with whole, plant foods that truly nourish all that I am, I would be less happy. If I was not as surrounded by love as I am, I would be less happy. These things are my foundation. With them in my life I can truly face anything. Without them I am less than myself.

The best bonding exercise for dogs is, in my opinion, running together. I took the last four days, with some blessedly fine weather, to spend as much time as possible exploring in the fields and woods with the three amigos. Creating and reinforcing my own bonds within my funny little pack. On Sunday we found this stump, a relatively young Ash I think. I don't know why she was cut down and it makes me sad that she was, but the message was a good one.


  1. Your new boy is heart-meltingly lovely. Those. Eyes. Congrats to you, looking at those pics on Instagram, you'd think he'd been with you lot forever.

    Interesting what you say about rescue dogs taking about 9 months to find themselves. We noticed that was the case with our "dorje dog". She was broken-hearted and scared when she came to us, but after that period of 9-10 months, she really started to emerge. Now she just grins almost constantly.

    And don't they just adore running with their pack? When we all go out on the wild trail with our doggy girl, and the Bloke, me, and the Moon run with her, she is never more ecstatic.

    Love the Ash message. Perfect. x

    1. Isn't it just sheer, undiluted joy watching them allow themselves to be happy? And the love they feel for their pack...I aspire to that.

  2. The Ash message is beautiful. I love your thoughts on surrounding ourselves with what/who nourishes and brings us joy. Lovely.

  3. Beautiful photo. It filled me with so much love and joy just looking at it.

  4. I cannot think of a better way to BE love than out in the woods with 4-legged amigos ... sounds heavenly and look at the confirmation?! xo


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