Plant medicine

Spring is happening and that means plants. And plants - intrinsic value and beauty honoured and blessed - mean nourishment, health, flavour and stepping up to take our place in the cycle. Eating a healthy plant-based diet is a way for us to help support and sustain life - without getting into the nitty gritty too much it's all about recycling, yes? You know what I'm saying. Whereas when I think about eating animal products for me it feels like simply ending life. Full stop. I know not everyone feels this way and I know not all animal products are the same. These are just my feelings on it.

Through winter I've slid back into some not-so-good habits. I'm one of those people who feels the cold and whinges about it endlessly so hot food is a must for me. My raw-til-4 eating stopped. I still ate raw fruit and veg every day but it was likely to be accompanied by something hot and carb-y. Then there's my chocolate cravings. I'm thinking part of that is a magnesium issue as I also crave spinach and almonds, natural sources of this essential mineral.

I know how good I feel when I respect what my body knows and asks for and I'm not going to lie, it's much easier to listen when the sun is shining and the markets are full of every plant you can imagine. As for what to do with them, beyond juice, smoothies and a frickin' salad, I'm not exactly a culinary genius. Thank you internet for saving me from my own incompetence and making it enjoyable. I'm looking forward to making some plant magic. Here we go:

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Late addition: Peaceful Cuisine on YouTube. It does me good just watching. Thanks to Anthony and Mel for the link.

I'm also toying with the idea of growing some food again but this might be because I've yet to be confronted this year with the Chalfield Slug Army* that always strikes and wipes out All The Plants. I'm not sure I'm ready for that early morning heartbreak again. But I discovered recently that Diggers The New Dog is just like my old terrier boy, Jackson, who really loved me working in the garden. While Nell would sunbathe, Jackson would be nose to fingers with me while I dug, planted and weeded. He was especially fond of stashing old plant pots behind the sofa. As I began clearing out a flower bed a few days ago I found a similar tan and white head joining in. He even carried a few sticks I'd dropped up to the compost heap with me.

There's a holiday weekend coming up and we're promised good weather. Time spent with my hands back in the dirt, then whipping up a tasty bowl of whole plant food for us all sounds like good medicine to me.


* What do you do about slugs that doesn't involve killing or throwing them?


  1. I hear that broken eggshells are good for combating slugs, as they also nourish the ground. But you probably already know this remedy. There are also plants you can grow which deter slugs, but I don't know what they are exactly.

    Some cooked food is better for you than raw food - like tomatoes for instance. You probably already know this too :-) I hope the warmer weather brings you much happiness.

    1. I'm all about the cooked food : ) At least one meal a day has to be hot and filling for me. The warmer weather seems to have changed its mind today and gone elsewhere, but happiness level is high. x

  2. oh my....*winces as she looks down at chocolate wrappers in bin*. i agree,'s easier to think about [and want to] eat greens when the weather isn't so fecking cold....

    the only slug wisdom i have is to plant a wall of lettuce around your garden......[so says One Straw Revolution <-- the idea is to offer them alternatives...then again, they might just be very gluttonous or else invite all their friends and relations]. of course, you could always get a pet duck or two....they like slugs.....[which technically falls into the 'killing' category, but in a circle-of-life sort of way]

    great collection of links....i've been cooking out of the Oh She Glows cookbook this winter and every single recipe i've tried has been utterly delish....

    i'm jealous of your weather. it's going to be minus f*cking 18C tonight. just saying.


    1. I'm not sure the four-leggeds would be much good around ducks so we have to rely on hedgehogs to eat the slugs (although Jackson tried to pick up a hedgehog many times, which was fun). I have to say I have never lived anywhere with quite so many. Maybe hanging baskets of tomatoes...

      MINUS 18???? I have no words. xx

  3. Broken eggshells, halved empty grapefruits (slugs love them), handy clothes peg to pick them up (despite being a gardener by trade, I can't touch a slug) and fling them as far, far away as possible. Copper tape (like sellotape) taped round near the top of pots will deter slugs - slugs WILL NOT pass over copper.

  4. As far as not-cruel slug-deterrents go, I second the copper tape. Of all the methods I've tried, that's the one that won't kill 'em, but it will put them off, (it's the slug equivalent of installing an electric fence).

  5. Just wondering if you've come across Worth a look bearing in mind your list, I'd say. :)

    1. Oh niiiiiiice : ) Thank you!


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