Stop the world I need to get off

For goodness sake. Full disclosure: I have been/am in full on spinning mode. And I'm not talking about SoulCycle (unfortunately).

I'm putting it down to a goodly dose of seasonal change and a failure to maintain self-nourishment in the face of external demands on my time and attention. Which is a posh way of saying I've been really slack and eating lots of chocolate to get me through a Bit Of A Bumpy Ride. 2015 has been 'interesting' so far, has it not?

Whatever the reason, in the brief breathing spaces between spins I'm thinking about what it means to have too many choices. What having many choices does to our ability to see what we really need. What many platforms for sharing our thoughts and work does to our ability to see the best, most natural way of shining our light.

I am a born eclectic who struggles to maintain a focus on any one idea or topic without being drawn to others. I really truly LOVE a whole lot of things and ideas and people. That's not a problem - if it were, I bet 50% of the human population would be 'afflicted' - but when I forget (see also: can't remember because of the sugar hangovers) that without proper nourishment my brain does weird and not-so-wonderful things that lead me up and down many garden paths, I tend towards self-inflicted ADHD.

So. Now that Digby has been integrated into the pack (total success story so far with full-on bromance between him and Dooley) and new extended family routines are almost second nature, I need to help myself step back onto the path. Or is it back off the path? I think perhaps it is.

The path is lined with billboards and neon and all sorts of pretties to grab my eye. There are too many things masquerading as signs to what matters. Off the path is where I can focus on what's really important to me. So yes...back to the woods for this woman. Back where I belong.



  1. see you out there in the woods.....;)


  2. As one eclectic to another (who also tends towards chocolate-induced ADHD), getting back to the woods is sometimes the best and only remedy for The Spin.
    I'll be out in the woods too, lurking with Mel. I'll bring a cauldron, and some chai ; )

    And I had a happy giggle when I read about the doggy bromance. Such good news, and excellent work on your part.


Thank you, I love it when we talk.