A good day

My day? Up with the Sun, meditate with the cat, make my morning offerings. Have a chat with the Spirits. Read, have coffee, and then into the shop to plan the day's work. Design something! Make something! Mail something!
First meal at around 11 or noon, then (in the cold seasons) take the house dogs out to go see the chickens and the chicken dogs. In the summer this happens first thing or it’s too damn hot! Do some work outside gardening or such if the weather and insects allow. Then back to the shop until it is time to make dinner. Post dinner is usually a movie with my wife.
It would probably be incredibly boring for many — we live a fairly reclusive, very quiet life. I am very happy if I don’t have to leave our immediate area more than once a month. I love it!
Aidan Wachter 

I read the above as part of an interview with Aidan (whose work speaks straight to my heart) and instantly thought,'Oh...except for the cat and the wife (substitute dogs and de facto husband), this is the day I dream of.'

And it's not really so different to many of mine. It did me a lot of good to see something I aspire to, written down so simply. So within reach. My brain has been overloaded recently with a search for absolutely unnecessary definition and I think a degree of that has been down to my immersion in social media. Especially Instagram. I do love Instagram. There is nothing wrong with social media, I just have a tendency to go too deep and become a little obsessive about All The Pretties. Or All The Pit Bulls because OBSESSED.

So I took Instagram and Twitter off my phone. I used the Chrome app, BlockSite to block them, Facebook, and a certain UK-based newspaper gossip rag on my laptop and work PC. I was horrified by how hard the first day without them was. I mean, really? Have I come to this?

The plan is to continue for the week and then consider adding Instagram back to the mix. My Twitter feed is 99% dogs up for re-homing and frankly I doubt I'm making much difference there, so I think I'll keep it purely for automated Instagram and blog notifications. Facebook, ditto because I hate Facebook and can't even remember why I reactivated it.

I'm also surprised at how strange and uncomfortable it initially felt not to be posting photos and tweets through out the day. Turns out my 'I find it difficult to put ANYthing out in the world' post may have had a good dose of bullshit in it because look at me..itching to share!

I'm no Off Grid Woman, I love tech. I just need to be responsible with it and with a lot of other things that I've let slide. A strong SAD reaction this seasonal changeover has left me reeling, not quite sure where I am or what the hell month it is, never mind the day. My body is all out of kilter but I know exactly how to heal it and that...is a whole other post.

Tomorrow is my day off work. School runs and torrential rain aside, I'm going to try to factor in as much of this ideal day as I can. I hope you have a good one too.



  1. And once again, the interwebs has ated my comment...I'll try again.

    That Aiden Wachter quote is quite wonderful. Pretty much my ideal day also, and bears quite a close resemblance to my actual days. Unfortunately, mine do involve cats, (don't ask - Merlin is in my Bad Books).

    Good for you re social media. I went on a bit of a fast with it all last year, and since I've returned, I seem to be moderating things well. I often forget I even have a Twitter account. I'm a tech-loving gal too - would never give it away, however wild and woolly my ways.

    Sorry to hear of the SAD - I get Summer SAD (yes, it's a Thing), and so late Spring is often tricky for me. I relate to the feeling out of kilter and generally discombobulated. Hope it improves for you soon.

    And all the best with creating your ideal day : ) xx

    1. How does your Summer SAD feel? I know of it but don't experience it (I don't think). I sued to be worst in Sept-Oct but seem to have been able to work with that quite successfully now. I think my own body rhythms suit Autumn. But the March/April one sends me a bit manic. This year though, it's been mostly just disorientation because all the plants seem to have flowered at once and the weather has gone from hot to Arctic (we had Arctic winds). My poor earthy body is most discombobulated. xx

  2. seems perfectly reasonable to me...quiet, even reclusive days most of the time, with a few outgoing moments here and there. as for the social media thing---i think most people who are at all reflective alternate between embracing it and shying away from it for periods of time whilst they recalibrate. my life seems a ceaseless cycle of Finding Balance...

    1. Recalibration is a good way of putting it. I reach a stack overflow state and need to turn inwards for a while... Definitely in the midst of this at the moment.

    2. Agreed on recalibration. And on finding balance - for me it seems to involve a lot of see-sawing : )

  3. Very much identify with all of this. I've just deactivated my Facebook account for similar reasons; it had become another stick to beat myself with, and too much of a time hoover, to boot. Might add your Chrome-related route to the roadmap, too. Hope you're feeling brighter.

    1. Thanks : ) I'm not unhappy though. That SAD acronym can be misleading, eh? Just thrown out by the weird weather and its effect on our usually steady seasons. Loving 'stack overflow'. x

  4. haha,i meant to leave a comment yesterday but then fell down the rabbit hole of that wonderful artist's work...:)

    anyway - i hope you managed a version of your Good Day -- it happens to be the precise recipe i would follow for the same. especially the not leaving the area much. :)

    the unpluggedness is a wonderful retreat, isn't it? i've only just added instagram back in and am happy to report that the compulsive checking hasn't returned.....it seems i am cured. :) i've no desire to add any of the others back.....

    big love. xoxo

  5. Twitter & Facebook were my great loves between about 2007 and 2012. We split up in early 2012 because, frankly, I got really bored. Twitter was just too noisy and Facebook was just dull. I stand by these assertions although I have yet to deactivate my accounts.

    Then I met Instagram in 2013 and lost my heart completely. It's been all consuming for pretty much exactly the same reasons you state; my obsessions are dogs and jewellery with the occasional general prettiness thrown in for good measure. It's constantly a stick to beat myself with because while, intellectually I understand that these people don't live wholly perfect lives, visually that's all I see. Independent jewellers exclaiming just this morning that if you don't get handed the perfect jewel on (American) mother's day today, you should buy yourself one of their little baubles with a starting price of $850. Sure, yeah, whatever, sign me up! Umm, actually, no, no, I can't because if I don't pay up the pre-pays for Evie's new school by the end of next week, they totally will rescind her place. Ooops. And we definintely cannot have any more dogs right now. So, with that in mind, it's worth stepping back.

    I did delete all my apps a while ago and lasted a while. Limited myself to once-a-day IG visits which was made easier by the broken camera on my phone. I think I need to do that again because it eats hours of my life, and also because detoxing is a good thing every once in a while.

    D and the kids are off to France in July. I have week off work. I plan to go home on the Friday when they leave and close the door. I assume I will leave the house for the occasional wander and for provisions but, to be honest, the thought of those nine days with only the dogs and I are really all that's keeping me going at this point. I'm dizzy at the thought of them, drunk with the possibility of how they might unfold. I have been longing for solitude and so, for the present, that is my perfect day! :)


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