These are a few of my favourite things

Summer. This summer. So much to do and so much of it involving attention to detail (my nemesis, as a Big Picture person). We are drawing near to the end of the school term for Evie - all three of us are more than ready for that - and of course I have only 12 more days in the office, finishing my job on the 31st. The house is tidy but badly needs painting. The garden is a jungle. I have a ton and half of handover notes to write because I have 13 years of everything only in my head (see comment on detail, above). Amongst all this, an hour here and there with a cup of tea and a screen comes as a blessed relief so I thought I'd share just a few of the things I've enjoyed recently. Because why not?

The work of Marina de Luis.

DLP on conscious optimism and feminism. All the yesses.

Tindog (All three of mine have been banned from using it.)

The Robcast: Rob Bell talks with Elizabeth Gilbert. I absolutely think that Liz and I could/should be BFFs.

My biggest Instagram crush is #StoneColdMarshall and this video made me love him even more. I think that, to #runlikePhoebe we can now add #swimlikeMarshall. He's the best. Don't tell Dooley.

I'm all about the plant power these days so naturally I had to have a set of Lisa McLoughlin's Plant Ally cards. So beautiful. And I'm looking forward to incorporating them in my work and studies.

This guy's work.

And finally, you can have your Elizabeth and Darcy, your Romeo and Juliet, your Ross and Rachel; all I want is MonRosalee. Forever. And Blutbad - Fuchsbau babies are going to be the cutest.


  1. Thanks for a brillo swag of links - love 'em. Tindog had me guffawing moste appreciatively.

    All the best with the Last Days of work - I do so very relate to detail merde, and being a Big Picture sort. xx

  2. those plant ally cards are lovely---going on my wanted list.

    details, schmeetails. :)

  3. some wonderful links here, thank you :-)

  4. #HandSumMac forever! ;D

    I shall have to investigate this Grimm that you speak of. I know you've mentioned it before so I shall add it to the list. x


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