You know when you haven't been in touch with an old friend for ever and the longer you leave it the more daunting becomes the idea of The Catch-Up? That. So I decided not to catch-up properly because really, it doesn't matter. I've been reading everyone else's blogs and checking Instagram because otherwise I would miss you all too much but it's been good to be relatively quiet. Endless dog photos aside.

Life is good.

Evie and I are off to Australia for two weeks next Wednesday and when we return I will be turning my focus to my work. I'm doing some already but many and various summer projects around the house and for Evie have taken precedence. 

The season change (I'm almost sorry to be going away right now because it's one of my favourite times right here) brings me to the fire, the darker mornings and evenings, the books and the listening. And always, the woods and fields.

I have been conversing with the spirits of this place, assuring them of my commitment. They've made it clear to me that I can't be dabbling. No half measures. No trying to be cool or worrying about what other people think. They need me to be all in. And so, with a natural amount of trepidation, I am all in.

Things will shift a little here at my blog. Not much, but a little. If you read but roll your eyes now, you will probably want to just go elsewhere but either way, I'm not holding back. 

It's going to be lovely. I do hope you'll stay.



  1. totally staying. also, totally get what you say about being all in. daunting, but it Feels Right.

    have a lovely trip! xo

    1. I think there's a few of us feeling this at the moment. Time to get in and get dirty, huh? I can't wait. xx

  2. Damn, you can see me when I do that?


  3. Well, I'm staying. Daunting catch-up? I know that one well but after 18 months, I did it recently. I'd even forgotten the password for my blog which, in itself, felt weird given I've had a blog for 10 years.

  4. Arrgh. Can't believe I missed this spine-tingling wonderfulness. I'll definitely be sticking around for more. Absolutely.

    Have an excellent time away! And I often find the return to the land after being away, is pure bliss. xx

  5. See ya when you return from your excursion! I look forward to reading this blog again. xx

  6. I'm staying, too...all in...100%...opening up and asking....



Thank you, I love it when we talk.